sábado, 20 de octubre de 2012

HOJAS/LEAVES Drawing Challenge

Esta semana, Miss Herzfrisch me ha invitado a participar en el Drawing Challenge, ella es el host y propuso el tema, "Leaves" y aquí está mi "Leaves"
 This week, Miss Herzfrisch has invited me to participate in the Drawing Challenge, she is the host and suggested the theme, "Leaves" and here is my "Leaves"

Amor puede ser hojas de primavera,
Amor puede ser hojas de otoño,
Puede ser hoja de menta,
Puede ser hoja de cicuta,
No me digas cuál de ellas me das,
Yo beberé la copa hasta el final.

Love can be spring leaves,
Love can be autumn leaves,
May be mint leaf,
May be hemlock leaf,
Do not tell me which one you give me,
I will drink the glass to finish.

13 comentarios:

céline dijo...

I love the words you wrote and the drawing is so colourful and full of love. And I like your new header, very inspiring! wish you a nice weekend Roberto!

TheFairyyellowbugQueen dijo...

Yes Roberto! That header is stunning!!! What vision you have. Lovely.
I like best, that the knees are touching. I love the sentiment (of the words and of the image itself) and to be surrounded by the swirling, moving leaves is simply magic to me. Your art is awesome! Norma, x

Tony LaRocca dijo...

Beautiful, I like the kindness in this.

♥ w o o l f ♥ dijo...

pretty symbols, unpretentious notion. this looks so straightforward, yet it is cunning too.
reading here the other comments, i agree on the knees touching, i just couldn't 'put my finger on it', and the header is stunning, even though i sailed right past it as i came here... early morning, you know... ;)))

objects of whimsy dijo...

The drawing is fabulous and the words too. I love the energy of this work.
Have a grat day
Helen x

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Que bueno Hombre!!! Como siempre!! Que vaya bien fin de semana!!!!!

renilde dijo...

total surrender, there is sweetness but also the question, i like that,
i noticed your white sitting cubes in your last works, i like them too, they work very well.

awesome header! xx

Rod MacGregor dijo...

He intado visitar tu otro blog pero no puedo, el invitacion sola dejar entrar un vez(se pone caducido)...que hago?

barbarabeesblog dijo...

Hi Roberto, I really like your very personal approach to the theme, heartwarming and beautiful.
Thank you for your nice comment on my blog!

Miss Herzfrisch dijo...

Dear Roberto,
this is a wonderful idea for the leaves theme!
I also love your new header.
Thank you for participating.

céline dijo...

Hi Roberto, Thank you for your nice comment on my posts. IÄm always so happy with your comments because they're are so nice but also honest! I took your advice and added the "follewer" link. This blog hasn't any followers yet, that is why I didn't put it there. But don't feel any presure;-))))))) I wish you a good start in the new week!

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Sweet, your leaves challenge is very happy looking image, leaves are like confetti in the air :-)

rossichka dijo...

So tender and loving! I like the whirling background! And the words...And the colours... The whole idea!

The header is very impressive!

P.S. The tea seems to be very delicious!
By the way, I drank mate - my husband found and bought, but mixed with a mild and tasty herb.:)