sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2012


Dejame atravesar tu imaginación
como pez
como ave
como viento
como perfume
como perro
como corona de espinas
como cruz
como nube de tormenta
como vaso de agua clara
como lluvia
como barro
como cadena con candado
como bosque incendiándose
como vendaval en alta mar
como puerta de hierro
como oscuro abismo
o al menos como yo mismo.

Let me go through your imagination
as a fish
as a bird
as wind
as perfume
as a dog
as a crown of thorns
as cross
as thundercloud
as glass of clear water
as rain
as mud
as chain lock
as forest on fire
as gale at sea
as iron gate
as dark abyss
or at least as myself.

20 comentarios:

k.h.whitaker dijo...

great new header and she has quite the imagination ;)

Debasmita dijo...

I loved the simplicity :)

renilde dijo...

header and baackground make me smile big now...

drawing and poem, and not at least the poem, w o n d e r f u l ! that's the way it goes, that's what makes one feel alive, that one matters and is loved, x

Manuel Ameneiros dijo...

Roberto, me encantan los collages que últimamente estás haciendo para tu cabecera. Son maravillosos. En particular éste.
Abrazos totales.

Marcela Calderón dijo...

¡Ey! Esta me encantó con su línea de tinta! Si!

Carla dijo...

Lovely illustration Roberto! I was thinking about drawing a head with clouds too, but you beat me to it!

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Me encanta ambos...las palabras y dibujo.Te dejo atravesar me cerebro como pez..pues no comes él poco lo que tengo...tu cabecera...wow! Buen fin de semana a vosotros!!!!! mi mujer no me dejar enviar su photos!!!

céline dijo...

I just love it! it's a wonderful drawing, like looking in my own head, haha. love the colours inbetween the bubbles. you made my day...again:-)

Cindy D. dijo...

Eek, the new header is a little scary for me. :P

Love the drawing! So many neat and interesting objects and thoughts. Great idea for the topic!

Isabelle dijo...

Hehehe so much imagination!! Of course I am sure there was even more you could have drawn haha perfect for this theme, Roberto!! Love this. :)

nelleke dijo...

funny how the imagination is coming out and jumping into the clouds, I like the colorful confetti. And every time you surprise me with your header, Roberto :-)

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Hi Roberto, I have been missing your blog! Not only the posts but your cool innovative header images (love the current one, lovely luscious colors and shapes!)and fun backgrounds... See, I am a fan :-)

I am in London now. Trying to settle, don't even have an internet connection yet, so not much time for blogging :-( Hope that will change soon.

Have a great great Tuesday!

Claire Wildish dijo...

I love the poem and the drawing, especially the last line. Perfect!

Joyeeta Neogi dijo...

Again great concept, and a great imagination....with great lines!

fados do lar dijo...

Muy buena la manera como has trabajado la temática de IF! :) bueno trabajo!

Ted Blackman dijo...

Go through my imagination as a chain lock? Weird.

I like your new header.

hedwig dijo...

Hi Roberto, I'm very fine. You? I see you did go for the clouds too. Your clouds are coming from inside, mine from the outside, but it's all about poetry and projections of the mind.

mao dijo...

Hi roberto, i love the way this comes together, and the colourful lines on grey background buzzing among the thought clouds~ also love how you keep changing your headers :D
thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such a lovely note!

Nancy dijo...

Hey, who said you could go through my imgaination?? hehe, love your poetry :D And that girl of yours, she looks so wise, somehow - she looks like someone interesting to know.

PILAR dijo...

Como me gusta este post !!!!
Como siempre....