martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012


En algunos lugares,
a los cuales no es sencillo llegar, no cualquiera puede hacerlo,
a no mucha distancia de tu mente, pero inmensamente distantes
como la estrella más lejana,
hay algunas aves
que, vos podrás ver solamente porque creés en lo que yo te digo.
¡Abrí tus ojos ya!

In some places,
which it is not easy to arrive, not anyone can do it.
not far away from your mind, but immensely distant
as the farthest star,
there are some birds
that you will see just because you believe what I say.
Open your eyes now!

Ave embarazada/Pregnant bird

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13 comentarios:

Joyeeta Neogi dijo...

Lovely illustration !

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Wowwww!! Que palabras mas profundas y el dibujo hermoso!!!!!!!:) Eres muy leesto!!!! Buen semana amigo!

renilde dijo...

wonderful mood you created dear Roberto, the arcades, the shadows, oh yes! x

rossichka dijo...

I'm afraid to think how high they are... I can FEEL the abyss beneath! I like that the pregnant bird's hair is "flying" instead of her wings! I have never imagined or thought of these creatures. I must open my eyes really wide!...:)
It's so beautifully painted, Roberto!!!x

fados do lar dijo...

Muy bonito, Roberto.

céline dijo...

I like it very much, for me it's that you have to open your eyes, just to see all the wondeful things in this world, to open your eyes and finally see things for real and enjoy them and open your imagination and dream!

Ted Blackman dijo...

Sometimes you can see too much and it's painful. I think thats why some go through life with eyes closed.

You have no fear, so you look.

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Amigooooo!!! Los siento : Marina Rascova (Pascova no!) He Equivocado!!

Nancy dijo...

Well, I'm glad I've got you to look for me - I'll belive anything you say! ;) ... the thought of being able to fly, is amazing. But if it means you've got no arms... gosh, I'm so used to my arms, I feel trapped just thinking about it! Beautiful illo, though - one can feel the wonder of the place and the night breeze.

pauline dijo...

Roberto, i always love coming here for your art and your honesty... i loved your list of secrets. You are very brave to share this with the world... i'm happy i found you in blog land. Happy weekend Roberto! xox

Sandra van Doorn dijo...

Roberto this one is my favourite i think. or maybe i think that everytime… ( and now we even know your secrets you are such a gentle soul…
xo sandra

Cindy D. dijo...

Very beautiful! I love your style. The face in the moon is amazing!

PILAR dijo...

En algunos lugares....hay personas como tu
Roberto, siempre tan generoso mostrandonos tu ser a través de tus obras y de tus pensamientos.GRACIAS MI GRAN AMIGO.