viernes, 15 de junio de 2012


Esta semana, tengo ganas de seguir divirtiendome con las tijeras, cartón, y bla bla bla, ya saben.
Estoy comenzando a hacer algo, ya lo mostraré (si me gusta cómo queda terminado)
Pero, como también me divierte participar en IF, yo encontré esto, que pinté en el año 1987 (demasiados años, ¿no?) y que encaja bien con la palabra Secreto.
¿No creen así?
Estuve pensando el nombre para esto, y creo que el nombre adecuado sería: "Mi secreto sos vos"

This week, I have wanted to continue having fun with scissors, cardboard, and blah blah blah, you know.
I'm starting to do something, I will show (if I like how it is done)
But, as I enjoy participating in IF, I found this I painted in 1987 (too many years, right?) and fits well with the word Secret. Do not think so?
I was thinking the name for this, and I think the appropriate name would be: "My secret are you"

Oleo sobre madera 14x14
Oil on wood 14x14
Si hacés clic fuera de la imagen podrás ampliarla dos veces :)
If you do click outside the picture you can enlarge it twice :)

18 comentarios:

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Si esta perfecto para secreto hombre!Me gusta muchissimo!!Y el dinosaurio tambien!

Unknown dijo...

Great work! I like it!

Sujata Khanna dijo...

very appropriate.Hmmm has a secretive feel about it,as though the world is full of so many secrets. I also love your cardboard art- you handle it well. That is something I have to learn:)

Sujata Khanna dijo...

Let me tell you my illustration is also an old one I pulled out of my drawing file, I think from 1998.
have a good week end too:):)

Sandra van Doorn dijo...

i want to know the secret :)

PILAR dijo...

Si, título acertado. Que pocas personas conozco que sepan guardar un secreto. Un abrazo.

Malena dijo...

Va fantástico. También porque da la sensación de ser como un globo de chicle, que puede reventar en cualquier momento.

Y me encanta el fondo!

Red Cat Cards dijo...

look at this blog ! I haven't been here for so long (my bad) and it's changed dramatically !!! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!! A LOT !!!!!!!! :D
Background is so very cool !
This painting is so very cool !
You are the coolest !!!!!!!!!! :D

Unknown dijo...

oooh secrets..they can be dangerous. The person on your painting looks like he does not want to know the secret. love colour of the bubble!

renilde dijo...

i like to look at someones older work,the things which stayed and the changes, quite interesting, x

leanyvir dijo...

Siii va justo!!!!!!!!! y que bueno que está!!!! como se nota que ya había pasta por aquellos años eh!!!
FELIZ DIA DEL PADRE!!!!! te quiero!!!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton dijo...

Roberto, I think this fits perfectly for the Illustration Friday topic. It is a very strong illustration, and tells a "secret" story very well!

Unknown dijo...

What a secret story .........only you will know....the secret!!!
Great piece.....being painted earlier makes it's more interesting! Love your style !
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and saying such lovely words!!! I am so happy you liked my illustration!
Have a very interesting cheerful week ahead!

Claire Wildish dijo...

This is a great illustration. Mysterious and intriguing.

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Great reuse of work! I like the listeners expression. First I thought he is reluctant to listen but now I think maybe he is shocked by what he hears... (Maybe the first interpretation is more correct though.)

Ana M.F. dijo...

Pero...este secreto entra por un oìdo, sale por el otro y va directo hacia la boca de quien escucha!!....Creo que muy pronto va a dejar de ser un secreto, tal vez va en camino a transformarse en un rumor.

vfm4 dijo...

i agree it fits for ¨secret¨! love it!

and i love the way you keep changing how your blog looks! :-)

illustration poetry dijo...

there is a secret, i can see that!!! but he seems ignorant??? :0