lunes, 4 de junio de 2012


Mi amable amiga Renilde, recibió el “Liebster award”, y ella debía pasarlo a cinco blogs amigos.
Mi blog fue uno de los elegidos por ella.
Yo quiero agradecerte, Renilde, por ser tan amable conmigo.
Creo que no lo pasaré a cinco amigos, pues yo no soy tan valiente como para elegir solamente cinco, por eso, envío mi cachito de premio a todos ustedes que siempre estan conmigo, yo celebro con ustedes, fieles, amigos virtuales!

My kind friend Renilde, received the "Liebster Award", and she must pass it on to five blogs friends.
My blog was one of those chosen by her.
I want to thank you, Renilde, for being so kind to me.
I do not think I will pass it to five friends because I'm not brave enough to choose only five, so I send my little bit of award for all of you who are always with me, I celebrate with you, faithful virtual friends

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rossichka dijo...

I'm so BUSY and tired these days, that I have no force to read, to type, but I can't help to tell you that you fully deserve this beautiful award, Roberto! Because you give so much love, warmth and support to all of us! Thank you for your friendship! And for that tiny bit of the beautiful red heart you are sharing with each one of us.:)o

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Te merece este premio Hombre!!!!!!

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Enhorabuena Amigo!

Anónimo dijo...

Roberto, thank you for your comment, yes it has been too long. I think life might let me paint again, and I'm ready.
Congratulations on the blog award!

rossichka dijo...

I'm so sad! I couldn't read your comment, because I've probably deleted it instead of choosing "yes". And my spirit is smashed again in the moment of lifting up... Can you make something?:)))

AtelierBrigitte dijo...

Congrats with the award!

Sandra van Doorn dijo...

oh you so deserve that Roberto!

illustration poetry dijo...

heheh congratsssss ;DDD

something weird, i received your latest comment on my blogger dashboard (thank you bytheway!) but the comment didn't appear on my blog.

well, just letting you know that i read it, so thanksss!!!!