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Dibujo Desafío / Mano no dominante

Nuestra amiga Norma, ha propuesto hacer algo con nuestra mano no dominante.
Obviamente, lo que yo pude hacer con mi mano derecha es un desastre,
ustedes pueden verlo aquí.
Mi idea era algo así como, "la luna está enojada porque el gato pesca estrellas usando estrellas como carnada"
(debo explicarlo pues mi dibujo es tan desprolijo que realmente no se entiende)...
Una idea simple, un dibujo sencillo...

Pero lo disfruté mucho!

Drawing Challenge / Non-dominant hand

Our friend Norma, has proposed to do something with our nondominant hand.
Obviously, what I could do with my right hand is a disaster,
you can see here.
My idea was something like, "the moon is upset because the cat is fishing stars using stars as bait
(I should explain because my drawing is so sloppy that really is not understood)...
A simple idea, a simple drawing...

But I enjoyed it very much!

Si hacés clic fuera de la imagen podrás ampliarla dos veces :)
If you do click outside the picture you can enlarge it twice :)

23 comentarios:

TheFairyyellowbugQueen dijo...

Ram! This painting is absolutely charming! I am really very glad to hear that you enjoyed doing this because I am sure enjoying the results. It's completely wonderful. So expressive, don't you feel? I especially like the layering of color(s). The cat is at rest (or at least relaxed in the attitude) and the moon is at rest as are the stars but there is movement everywhere because of the fluid line. Gorgeous. I hope you do more of this style of painting!! *smiles* Norma

Malena dijo...

Ah, eso de tener que usar la derecha sería para mí un castigo terrible. Creo que soy más hábil con mi pie izquierdo.

Igual, te quedó buenísimo y ME ENCANTA LA CABECERA!!!!

susan christensen dijo...

This little cat reminds me of my favorite cartoon character, Krazy Kat. So comfortable on the moon, she looks! Great image, Ram. Best wishes, sus

♥ w o o l f ♥ dijo...

i like it!

Carole dijo...

Nice to meet you through this challenge Ram. I think your drawing/painting is really very charming and relaxed. Did your dominant hand want to slap your non-dominant hand for being so as you say "sloppy"?
Cheers, Carole

Patrice A. dijo...

nice to meet you!
you are the first man
joining this challenge which started
almost 1,5 years ago

about the drawing
I like it very much!
the lines
the watercolor
maybe wobbling but also free

Patrice A.

Ted Blackman dijo...

So you are left-handed then? If you are, then we have that in common.

Miki dijo...

Dear Mr.Roberto san.

I love your Art world!
Wish you a wonderful day!

I apologize for my long silence.
With love from Japan.

renilde dijo...

ha Roberto, you did it !
did you surprise yourself?
i found drawing pretty difficult but painting went much better than i imagined.
what will she catch using stars as bait i wonder, must be something very dreamy and beautiful ;)

(if you feel like taking part in any of the challenges in the future, please do, you're very welcome) xx

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Me gust muchissimo tu dubujo con la no dominante...I always love drawings that people make with their non dominant hand....its a great tool for giving a non overworked look!..Lo siento por ingles....Que vayas bien...!!!!

andrea dijo...

: ) cosa bonita!

k.h.whitaker dijo...

love it! I would not have known that you used your non-dominant hand had you not said so. I haven't tried drawing or writing with my left hand since middle school. I used to write entire papers with the left hand and sometimes backwards, which didn't go over very well with anyone trying to read it. ;)

k.h.whitaker dijo...

oh, by the way, you made me want to change my background on my blog ;) It was time after nearly three years of it being exactly the same!

Ikuko Takeuch dijo...

Beautiful hermosa pintura!

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

I think the result is very fresh! I am going to try this too :-)
It was also really interesting to see your little notebook and tiny brushes. I know that you said you make them small but still...

céline dijo...

I think you did a wonderful job! I could not do that with my nondominant hand.... And I would get frustrated! I really like the cat;-)

PILAR dijo...

Pues la verdad....me gusto absolutamente todo, hasta el cuaderno de espiral en el que pintas....TOOOOOODO.Un besazo.

vfm4 dijo...

lovely painting!

drawing with he ¨wrong¨ hand is great fun i think..
three years ago i did a few of those as my right wrist hurt too much to use it... :-)

Sandra van Doorn dijo...

i always love discovering the artist's process... it's just as wonderful as the final image.

joanne dijo...

Hi Roberto!
I think your painting is delightful!
And thank you for your sweet comments.

Sujata Khanna dijo...

I must try painting with my left hand, I am very curious to try after seeing your interesting painting.It seems to be so fluid:)

Ariane Reichardt dijo...

Hello Roberto,
you've named your drawing a disaster? What a pity! I like it very much. Its more free... charming.


Alexiev dijo...

Good moon... great colorwater painting...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...

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