viernes, 20 de abril de 2012


 Yo quiero  mostrarles aquí los siguientes corazones, los cuales amablemente me envió  mi querida amiga Rossichka. Como verán ella es una buscadora de cosas extrañas, (como yo)
¡Y ella, las encuentra!!!!, seguramente, como ustedes ven aquí,
además ella es un corazón sensible y un alma bondadosa.
Gracias mi amiga!
I want to show here the following hearts, which kindly sent me my dear friend Rossichka. As you can see she is a seeker of strange things (like me)
And she finds them!!!! certainly, as you see here,
She is also a sensitive heart and a gentle soul.
Thank you my friend!

 Corazón 24
Corazón 25
Corazón 26
Corazón 27
Corazón 28
Corazón 29
Si alguno de ustedes quiere enviarme sus corazones yo lo mostraré aquí con mucho placer.
If anyone wants to send me your hearts I'll show them here with pleasure.

10 comentarios:

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Rossichka....Artista de corazones tambien...Hay por todo el mundo corazones escondidos no!

rossichka dijo...

Thank YOU, Roberto, for your sweet, friendly words! They made me blush... I'm glad some "strange things" of my photo collection found an occasion to "see light!":) I'm so sorry the quality of the last two photos is not good... By the way I'm sure I'm not the only one who has seen a heart in his cup of coffee!:0) It happens very often to me...
Your idea is great, really inspiring!

sofam dijo...

Te envié uno

Malena dijo...

Hermosos los corazones!!!!

Ya me pongo a buscar uno para mandarte.

illustration poetry dijo...

oh indeed she is, yes, i agree.
she is sweet like cotton candy!

rossichka dijo...

Thanks, I hope I am from time to time!xx But I can also be sour like a wild plum and furious like a young wind...:0))))

Babette dijo...

i love this!

Sasa dijo...

Hearts!!! Where do you find all these???

camino roque dijo...

un puntazo coleccionar corazones

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong dijo...

so happy~~~~~~~~~~~~