sábado, 21 de abril de 2012


Vos y yo deberíamos imaginar que estamos allá en las alturas,

flotando, como nube al atardecer,
casi roja, casi gris,
sin nada allá abajo,
sin nadie allá abajo,
entregándonos al viento
nada por dejar atrás
ningún lugar a donde ir
ningún reloj para mirar...
Entrando en la noche para no salir jamás,
para ver como caemos como una estrella fugaz
ardiendo hasta desaparecer.

You and I should imagine we're there in the heights,

floating, like a cloud at sunset
almost red, almost gray,
nothing down there,
no one down there,
surrendering to the wind
nothing to leave behind
no place to go
no clock to watch...
Entering in the night for not ever leaving,
to see how we fall like a shooting star
burning until we disappear.

20 comentarios:

Graciela dijo...

Me gustaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

illustration poetry dijo...

hihi, i was about to say something but then i saw Madame above, think she really is happy to see this ;DDDDD

illustration poetry dijo...

hi Madame!

illustration poetry dijo...

your header is freakin' awesome, did you take it yourself???

Juan Carlos Partidas dijo...

Wow... es como un cometa romántico.... :)

studio lolo dijo...

Very nice! So sensual.

Malena dijo...

Esta veta sensual tuya me encanta.

A veces uno se siente flotando en el cielo, y termina estallando como el big bang. Lástima que después hay que volver a posar los pies en la tierra.

rossichka dijo...

These words from a song came up to my mind: "Un amore grande, grande come il mondo..."
I just like to look at your watercolour and re-read your words... Over and over again!!x

Kajetana Fidler dijo...


Marcela Calderón dijo...

Absolutamente pasional y sentido. Me encantó :)

Katrin Seibel dijo...


Rod MacGregor dijo...

Me encanta tus debujos de differente mundos....Y por supuesto...AMOR!!

k.h.whitaker dijo...

love it!

Wanda Torres dijo...

Que meteorito tan sexy!!!
me encanta tu nuevo header!
Un abrazo,

Shirley dijo...

Wow, Roberto..the poetry, the imagery..I am always transported by your work. I especially enjoy the roads and trees..very very wonderful composition too. I also want to say how gorgeous your header illustration is. I found myself wandering on the path..and wonder about the cut on the mountain. Ahh..you are quite intriguing!

Sasa dijo...

Roberto, this theme is really for you! I have seen so many great artwork from you that would fit perfectly to the theme 'heights'.
I'm busy, have visitors so I will probably have no time to do this week's illo :-( And need to rush out now to show them Beijing, bye! Will come back to have a second look of you submission!

illustration poetry dijo...


highjumper dijo...

I love your new header & background! Especially the suggestion of the travellers in the distance, seen against an immense background.

Sandra van Doorn dijo...

beautiful poetry Roberto, just beautiful.
i’m also having a little crush on your new banner. is it your work too? it’s gorgeous.

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Hola Hombre!!! Que mejora la semana con mucho vino para ti!!!! Me gusta la cabezera...!!!