jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012


Anoche soñe que yo flotaba en tu cabello
lagartija hecha de universo estrellado.

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Rod MacGregor dijo...

Now that's what I call a good dream!!!! Hombre!!!! This is great! I think you have to get a spaceship for that hair....10,9,8,7.....Houston we have lift off!

Marcela Calderón dijo...

Tu imaginación te desborda... tanto que no alcanza la vigilia ;) Lindo sueño, Ro.

sofam dijo...

La mujer lagartija me esta guiñando un ojo mientras el bagarto, perdon el lagarto hace el amor con el espacio.

illustration poetry dijo...

nononononono i think i thank you and Madame!!

it's morning here and i'm having my milk tea in my mita mug as alwayssss :D

milk tea + mita mug always put me in a goooooooood mood.

illustration poetry dijo...

by the way, that was one interesting dream... lizards are covered in scales made of keratin and keratin is a type of protein found in the hair.


Manuel Ameneiros dijo...


Abrazos totales.

art is jok(k)e(n) dijo...

it has been long time I landed on these pages :)
I see, it must be very sunny and hot in Argentina, if you can see these very fast reptiles.

Don't let the dream end. The lizard is very unique messenger.
But ... it is important to know if the lizard will be killed in the dream or if it escapes. Do you remember it?
(one of the two possibilities could be -however- disappointing)

Malena dijo...

Mujer lagarto
lengua viperina
cabeza estrellada
ojos compinches.
Dicen que cuando nafragás en su pelo, no hay retorno.

Melissa Mackie dijo...

Hello Roberto....what a wonderful dream to swim in a lovely ladies hair. I love all your self portraits also. Great work!

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Greetings Roberto

well this is magnificent

so many metaphors so many ways of seeing, even with our eyes shut

bye now!

Sasa dijo...

What a mystical image! And beautiful watercolor work... always admiring the way you paint the skin. Background is amazing too.

Have a great weekend (what is left of it)!

Sandra van Doorn dijo...

Oh this is like dream and of course i love that. I haven't been around for a while... So much to discover in one hit, it's really great. And I absolutely love your new banner too!

sofam dijo...

Inconsciencia total yo jamas entraría a un museo de dinosaurios a ver si me dejan adentro

Felisa y Ernesto dijo...

dear Roberto...
con su permiso, creo que este cucurucho hecho de universo..., va para mi inventario de cucuruchos..., gracias miles e infinitas por su tan apreciada y valiosa colaboración.
Le saluda atentamente
Una admiradora.

Marcela Calderón dijo...

Te mandé un mail, Ro...
(El encabezado es muy gracioso)

Paige Keiser dijo...