domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012


Nuestro amor
gran masa de océano,
cálido y calmo en pequeñas bahías
lleno de monstruos de las profundidades
todo una sola cosa.
Fluido transparente
en el que, felizmente, yo quiero ahogarme
y ser devorado.

Our love
great mass of ocean,
warm and calm in small bays
filled with monsters of the deep
all one thing.
Clear fluid
in which, happily, I want to drown
and be eaten

13 comentarios:

art is jok(k)e(n) dijo...

Hi Roberto!
But be careful: some sea -dwelling monsters are often believed to be of immense size. And they can take many many forms ( for example as Yacumama) !!

Rod MacGregor dijo...

This is very imaginative..even for you Hombre!!! The backdrop seems like a bed...which I suppose would be the perfect fluid to drown or be eaten in...(That sounded bad after I wrote it...I leave it wasn't me!)

Marcela Calderón dijo...

Alocadamente espontáneo y ...fluido, sin dudas. Te superás día a día. Asombroso :)

Marcela Calderón dijo...

La foto del encabezado es envidiable... báh: no la foto en sí misma, sino tu relax en ese sillón en ese lugar (ahora que lo conozco, te envidio más...jajajaja)... Y, baidegüei: ¿qué estás leyendo..? ;)

k.h.whitaker dijo...

this is very "fluid" and interesting Roberto :) I hope that you are well. Love your header, I'd like to spend an afternoon there.

illustration poetry dijo...

the sea could be my tears :'((

ps: i like the idea of using fabric.

Carla dijo...

Yes, I love your header too - and your fabric illustration :)

Sasa dijo...

Wow wow wow, like your collage work. I am wondering how long it takes to create this. And the poem is so sweet, hope we all be eaten...

nelleke dijo...

what a weird world :-)

rossichka dijo...

I like so much that your love world is not in red, but in blue... Like water. Love is flowing through us, we can't take back the past moments(like we can't see/touch/hold the same water more than once...). The blue is a nice contrast to the dramatic impact of the monsters... What a collage! You are amazing me, Roberto, again and again!:))x

Anne dijo...

Very interesting collage, original! And beautiful poem! <3

Elizabeth Rose Stanton dijo...

Great collage! Clever and original!

Sarah Ryan dijo...

I love the energy in this!