lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011


Tu pelo no es mi obsesión,
tus ojos no son mi obsesión,
tu boca no es mi obsesión,
estar con vos no es mi obsesión,
tomar tu mano para cruzar la calle no es mi obsesión,
tu perfume no es mi obsesión,
tus manos, tu ombligo, tus ojos pintados, tu silencio,
tu carácter como el mar embravecido, tu carácter como el agua de una laguna,
tu ropa, tu ropa interior, tus ideas, tu inteligencia, verte desnuda,
tu cansancio, tu valentía, tus piernas (aunque me gustan),
besarte, abrazarte, morder tu oreja, hacerte cosquillas, hablarte, mirarte, cantarte, compartir mi copa de vino, besar tu nuca, esperarte, tus besos, tu saliva, tu regreso a la noche, hacer masajes en tu espalda, tus pechos,
no son mi obsesión.
Yo soy tu obsesión.
Mi obsesión somos vos y yo mañana.

Your hair is not my obsession,
your eyes are not my obsession,
your mouth is not my obsession,
being with you is not my obsession,
take your hand to cross the street is not my obsession,
your perfume is not my obsession,
your hands, your navel, your painted eyes, your silence,
your character as the raging sea, your character like water from a pond,
your clothes, your underwear, your ideas, your mind, see you naked,
your fatigue, your courage, your legs (though I like),
to kiss you, hug you, bite your ear, tickle you, talk to you, look at you, sing to you, share my glass of wine, kissing your neck, waiting for you, your kisses, your saliva, your return at night, massaging your back, your breasts,
are not my obsession.
I am your obsession.
my obsession is you and me tomorrow.

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Manuel Ameneiros dijo...


Marcela Calderón dijo...

´Me dejaste sin palabras.. Y mirá que callarme a mí es difícil, ¿eh?

Hermoso mensaje :)

indira lakhsmita dijo...

give me 1 more second.
this is what in the box, isnt this?

mine and yours.

am i right?

Malena dijo...

El reloj de arena se rompió. No existe el tiempo. Sólo existe la luna y el sol.

Graciela dijo...

El texto me gustó... pero al llegar a la pintura me quedé congelada.
Me maravilló, es una belleza: poderosa, poética, diferente, genial.............Me encantó, se nota?

indira lakhsmita dijo...

haha thanks SpongeRob, i didnt know that you were obsessed with NormanSponge!

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong dijo...

it is already one.. we're only obsessed with concept of time.. concept of separation.. illusion of visions... to fight the lonesome of this one..

is the feeling i got from reading your words and illustration ! Such depth !!!!

art is jok(k)e(n) dijo...

Yes, yes, first what came into my mind : WOOOW!!!! WOOOW!!!! WOOOW!!!! WOOOW!!!! WOOOW!!!! WOOOW!!!!
secondly , I think lakhsmita's first comment is true.

art is jok(k)e(n) dijo...

No analysis, no necessary. Some post just touch you , some posts are saying nothing and some posts are something between.....
How do you do manage it that majority of your posts belongs to the first category? I expect that that Argentinian soils are very rich of nutrients and very fertile. Moreover, I am sure your roots are very deep rooted in inspirational and most vital layer of the earth ( I am pedologist today).
This picture stay on my "inner video screen" for long time... thank you! Gracias!

MiKa Art dijo...

Interesting twist in the poem!

I love this illustration - very beautiful and thoughtful!!

Mariangela Licciardello dijo...

Sin palabras por su bellezza!!

andrea dijo...

realmente hermoso!

Sasa dijo...

Great work, Roberto! Wonderful idea, sun and moon laying down, like those faces!

Pitu dijo...

siii estoy de acuerdo con graciela, tiene algo especial...algo que me dejó (...)

Pitu dijo...

uff ese reloj roto...un lugar (físico o temporal) donde no existe el tiempo: eterno.

Denise Scaramai dijo...

si, wow!

Hermosíssimas palabras
llena de juventud y madurez ...
sellada por una imagen "completa"

rossichka dijo...

Obsessed by finding new and new reasons to think you are not. But is it true? Today or tomorrow - what's the difference...
Your Sun and Moon reach new dimensions in your drawn and poetic worlds, Roberto! They are real, from "flesh and blood".
Very strong and passionate words, the words of a man in love!:)

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Greetings Roberto, obsession is good, that's why we reach so high - and sometimes are rewarded.

Last night I read about Red, the emotive power of the colour, how the Fauves et Andre Deran had the old epiphany, the epiphany that the red line gives, it's tonal strength and it's purity. It reminded me of your hearts.

I hope you are well, your talent goes from strength to strength. But if you don't already know that, you should eh?

Good luck my friend. From oz.

art is jok(k)e(n) dijo...

Dear Roberto, Send me , please, some snow to cool me know, it is pretty warm here !
Maybe you can put it in the little box made of dried orange peels....Than I get tasty orange refresh me a bit.

Probably you know it, Sir Roberto, but the braking distance is extended when snow is on the road... :D

Paige Keiser dijo...


Andrew Finnie dijo...

Sorry Roberto, it occurred to me that I did not say how much I like this work. ! The modulation of the background, the duality of the moons, the dynamics of the broken hour glass. Everything is so emotive, very beautifully so, but very poignant.

It's interesting coming here so often your alphabet of icons allow us to read your images, not with our conscious mind, but our subconscious.

Anyway, I know you hate mundane talk about your images, so I really came to wish you a wonderful weekend.

Have a beautiful weekend. The sun shines here. I will work hard this weekend - but that is how it should be. :)

Pitu dijo...

querido roberto! ahora convierto en entrada las piedras, me ha encantado lo que me has dicho de que vas mirando para abajo a ver qué encuentras (lo que pasaría desapercibido para otros) te he imaginado gráficamente y me dan unas ganas de dibujarte!!!! eres fantástico!

Sofía dijo...

aaah este me re gusto!!