miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2011


Sabés que no me gustan las despedidas,
no sé, lloro,
el corazón es un hueco en mi pecho
la garganta se me estruja, es una trenza de músculos
mi voz no habla
la congoja no me deja respirar...
Vos dirás que yo exagero, pero te juro que es verdad,
me siento morir veinticuatro horas antes.
Odio las despedidas,
dejame darte un beso.

You know I do not like goodbyes,
I do not know, I cry,
the heart is a hole in my chest
squeezes my throat, is a braid of muscles
my voice does not speak
grief will not let me breathe...
You say I exaggerate, but I swear it's true,
I feel like dying twenty-four hours before.
I hate goodbyes,
let me kiss you.

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15 comentarios:

Juan Ojeda dijo...

Y terminas diciendo hola; muy bello realmente. A mi tampoco me gustan las despedidas.

Un abrazo.

Manuel Ameneiros dijo...

¡Grande papá!!! Robert-san, sos como Gardel, cada día pintás mejor!!!
Abrazos desde le Mexique.

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong dijo...

oh I don't like goodbyes either.. nobody does.. I would rather say Hello as well =)

PILAR dijo...

A mi tampoco me gustan las despedidas...lo único bueno de ellas es el reencuentro. Un beso.

Graciela dijo...

¿A alguien pueden gustarle las despedidas?
Alguna vez leí que la ausencia de colores es característica en las despedidas...y ya lo creo. Las despedidas que recuerdo, eran sin color, neutras, suspendidas en el tiempo y el espacio.
Tu dibujo, alucinante, prevalece el color...aunque las estrellas se tiñieron de negro.

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Well eminently iconographic, the image is inscribed with a message. We just have to learn know imagine how to read. I'm enjoying the implied negative spaces, both of the locks and also that of the tree shapes in the header.

I knew you didn't want to know that and you would prefer a weather report. Today in Oz the wind is mild and blows from the land towards the sea, bringing with it a slight mist of rain that makes the hair on our heads curl and the hair in our nostrils grow. We must be careful waling lest we trip upon them.

Ahh I forgot to mention your images are like the tarot, they beg interpretation and allow the subjective full reign (rein?)

sorry I arrived before but had nothing intelligent to say. As you can see the situation has not changed :) - only the time of day has

Rincón del caracol dijo...

... hola

k.h.whitaker dijo...

love it Roberto, I saw the thumbnail of it and it drew me over to check it out larger :)

indira lakhsmita dijo...

actually it has been more than 24hours since my last goodbye, and i still feel like i'm dying...
i didnt know a little goodbye could be this hurt.

indira lakhsmita dijo...

wishing you a great weekend with the family, ok, goodbye!

indira lakhsmita dijo...

oh, sorry, i mean: HELLO!



rossichka dijo...

It always hurts to say goodbye to someone you love.Sometimes you have the feeling you are slowly dying days, weeks and months after that. The hole becomes bigger, the grief - deeper. I truly understand you! It's so much better to kiss someone for "welcome"!:)
But what if you've said good-bye and there's no hope to meet again?...
You always make me turn to my emotional memories and feelings, to escape from the routine, Roberto... Thanks!
We all stay on our own little planets of feelings and wait for a sign from someone else, wait to reveal our secrets and souls in front of him/her and to find the road to each other. That's what I'm thinking, looking at your beautiful drawing...

Anónimo dijo...

Very beautiful and magical!

art is jok(k)e(n) dijo...

All kind intelligent and wise words are being written here and so there must be obviously a space for just an ordinary words. The most exciting and most intriguing in this drawing are not written words on the papers flying around and dark gray, dimmed, burned out stars circling in space. Because not written or not spoken words can be as important as written or spoken one's.

art is jok(k)e(n) dijo...

A mí me gusta.