domingo, 3 de julio de 2011


Parecía una broma...
...en la salud como en la enfermedad.
Oís esa voz lejana?
Y esta enfermedad no se cura,
y el remedio que me das
me enferma cada día más,
es como un alacrán
que viene a buscar calor debajo de mi almohada,
pero cuando pongo mi mano me pica...
y yo no me quiero curar,
deja ese veneno por mis venas,
dame más de ese remedio.

Seemed like a joke... health and in sickness.
Do you hear that distant voice?
And this disease is not cured,
and the remedy that you give me
sickens me more each day,
is like a scorpion
coming to seek warmth under my pillow,
but when I put my hand he bites me...
and I do not want to cure,
let the poison in my veins,
give me more of that remedy.

18 comentarios:

Manolo López dijo...

Preciosa declaración de amor, en estas sociedades tan machistas son raras, lo que las hacen aun más hermosas. Disfruta de tu droga, y no te canses nunca. Saludos

Graciela dijo...

Me encantó!!!!!!!!!!!

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong dijo...

Oh I'm so lost in your illustration and words.. WOW !!!!!!! I need a day to look at this and digest !!! Will be back after I eat lunch =)

art is jok(k)e(n) dijo...

Be in love, it hurts. The more love, the greater the pain. We do not want to cure it. Because we want feel this kind of pain.
Great, Mr. R.! This is typical Mr. Congratulations! Do you hear the nice sound of cork being slowly removed from a bottle of Carménère?

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong dijo...

I finished my lunch and did cleaning.. so much clutter in this little tiny room.. full of cat hair.. things that have no place to put.. dusty.. oh it was a tough cleaning.. but good that I got it done.. then my day goes on.. it's time for me to cook dinner.. :(
It never ends !!!!!!!!!!!!
Tell me.. how does Graciela do this??? You help out a lot, eh? You should, Roberto !! :D
ok.. so now I come here taking a second look and I LOVE IT more and more !
Nothing can beat Canada's cold winter.. only Russia can.. hahaha
Stay cozy & warm !! xoxoxo

Malena dijo...

Es un veneno que no mata, pero crea adicción.

Me encantó la araña del veneno en una tumba abierta y la llave que abre la caja desde adentro.

Sasa dijo...

Very impressive! Love all those boxes and their different contents.

Juan Carlos Partidas dijo...

Excelente ilustración, roberto. Cada días más poético. :)

Graciela dijo...

Este ya no es Magritte, es Roberto enamorado!!!

mariarosa dijo...

Hermoso poema. Una exposición de sentimientos y vida, felicidades.


k.h.whitaker dijo...

I really love this one Roberto, love it, love it, love it :)

Denise Scaramai dijo...

diseño hermoso y muy bien hecho!
y las palabras, es cierto ....
pero por favor, cubrir pronto,
este agujero con el escorpión,
antes de salir de allí! :/


nelleke dijo...

nice illustration and poem!

ellis.illus dijo...

wonderful! i admire you for your ability to put on paper what is in your head ...

isay dijo...

i am taking this opportunity to say something before that time comes tha you will be no longer her :) i wonder where you are going....;)

very nice site. wonderful drawings and poetry.

by the way, thanks for dropping by my site earlier.

best regards,

indira lakhsmita dijo...

love is just a camouflage... yes?

indira lakhsmita dijo...

sometimes i can't tell if i am addicted to love,
or to the pain...


Shirley dijo...

OH my..this is so beautifully illustrated and to see the depth of your concept executed with words and in this multi-layered piece is incredible, Roberto. I enlarged the piece and to see the scorpions (and the one in the, this is so very deep. Conratulations on such a fine piece for all of us to contemplate!!