martes, 12 de julio de 2011


Quedémonos Así.

Compremos dos pasajes en un avión que va a caer,
compremos champagne.
Llevemos tus hilos, mis tazas rotas
esa vieja Barbie sin pelo
la foto del Citroen
caracoles juntados en las playas
estas lagrimas cayendo
los soles del verano
las noches heladas de invierno
un tren en la estación a las seis de la mañana
la bicicleta negra
mil veces, ¿me querés?
mil veces, no te quiero
ocho perros
mis bolsillos sin dinero
horas y horas y horas
y horas, y más horas
tres instantes que duraron un segundo.
Paguemos sobrepeso
no me importa.
No le digamos nada a nadie,
pero compremos dos pasajes en un avión que va a caer.

Let’s Stay So

Buy two tickets on a plane that will fall,
buy champagne.
Let's take your threads, my broken cups
that old bald Barbie
Citroen’s photo
snails gathered on the beaches
these tears falling
summer suns
cold nights of winter
a train in the station at six o'clock
the black bicycle
a thousand times, do you love me?
thousand times, I do not love you
eight dogs
my pockets without money
hours and hours and hours
and hours, and more hours
three moments that lasted a second.
Pay overweight
I do not care.
Do not say anything at anyone,
but buy two tickets on a plane that will fall.

24 comentarios:

Graciela dijo...

Y daaaaaaaaaaaaale Tino!!!!

Mariangela Licciardello dijo...

Bellissima, como siempre! Y la illustracion me encanta

renilde dijo...

The passion in your words and paintings are always so catching and moving, x


Muy original tu blog me ha gustado mucho

Pato dijo...

Ay cómo me gustaría jugar con esta fantasía del avión que se cae, pero no puedo =(

Mejor me compro un pasaje en esa bicicleta que seguro sabe rodar por nubes carreteras =)

(me encantó el poema)


AHAviews dijo...

Wow. Thanks for the translation. Words and image work beautifully together.

Malena dijo...

Las nubes de patchwork, el submarino que no es amarillo, los papeles en blanco y la casa que también se cae, pero nunca impacta contra el suelo.

Quiero un boleto en ese avión.

Graciela dijo...

Me dio vértigo..hoy estoy un poco impresionable...será que mi hijo me habla de su próximo viaje a la India...

Muy poético..¿para cuándo un libro?

andrea dijo...

Lindo de máis! Gracias por la visita, me encantó la ilustración. Y el poema! Nos vemos...

Ernesto y Felisa dijo...

Parece que sabes de algún escondrijo secreto donde va a caer ese avión, te llevas todo el preciado, preciso y precioso equipo, y a tu imprescindible compañia...., algo sabes que no cuentas; ... a mí la verdad, no me asusta, me parece hasta divertido, atrevido...tal como lo pintas y lo cuentas.
Besos (paranoicos?)

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Greetings long lost Doctor Roberto, do you ever play that game where you make your name backwards, and then one day you find your name written backwards as the brand of the pants that you are trying on in the gentleman's trouser shop. And you think.... well I don't know what to think, but Trebor Trousers is pretty catchy eh? :) But you do not buy them because they do not fit (the legs are too short)

Ahh what a wonderful poem crammed full of apparently disparate imagery, but so evocative, each image has the patina of use, a suggestion of discomfort and sometimes pain, sometimes the approach of death

isn't that what life is all about, the ability to turn the world upside down?

I have been holy daying here on the beach, my skin red in the daytime and blue at night...

see you

today the wind blows westerly and the surf is magnificent - like wet freight trains

Sasa dijo...

This is one of my favorites when it comes to your work. I like the subdued colors, very nice!

art is jok(k)e(n) dijo...

I am really very sorry, I can not comment this time. The picture is upside down and red... too much red !

k.h.whitaker dijo...

hmmm, I like the red, :)
it's an interesting piece, I love the fact that I need to look at every element of your art to see how each little part works in the illustration, it holds my attention
I hope you are well Roberto :)

art is jok(k)e(n) dijo...

give me blue, blue , blue, blue, blue , blue, blue, blue , blue, blue, blue , blue, blue, blue , blue, blue, blue , blue, blue, blue , blue, blue, blue , blue, blue, blue , blue, blue
I'm a little polite today, he he :D

have a nice day, Mr. R!

Marcela Calderón dijo...

:) Tan poético como siempre.
Y la foto del encabezado.... guau!

Andrew Finnie dijo...

heh Werdna Wedding! I like it. In fact I am off to the registery office as I type - to register the name.

But first I must annull my other name.

michele dijo...

Hello! What a treasure I found today here at your blog! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful moment in time. If only I could float in this painting! :o)

Faruffa dijo...

bellissima e inquietante!!!

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong dijo...

oooohhh how dreamy this one is !!! I like ! I'm sooooooooo tired, Roberto... oh it was fun but really tiring at the same time... i need vacation from vacation :D But It was too fun and I'm so proud of myself taking girls myself :D Missed you so !!! mmmwha~

rossichka dijo...

I am confused...
This saddens me.
Why should one fly to fall?
Their memories are mutual And such they'll be.
'Cause they both will always know
the secret, sentimental meaning of such things
as the train at six,
the snails, the dogs,
the love,the hatred,SO
don't take that plane,

Sometimes everything looks turned up and down, like in your picture. But I think it's not always that hopeless...:)

soylauraO dijo...

Acompañaré como N 188

indira lakhsmita dijo...

is this somekind of love suicide?
you know, nothing lasts forever but death does :D
i dunno, to make it stay till, let's commit suicide.

indira lakhsmita dijo...

oh bytheway, i see a little detail that reminds me of Madame!!!

That quilted cloud! :D