miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011


¿Sabías que de día, las estrellas se apagan?
pero no se mueren eh, no.
Cuando el sol va subiendo por el horizonte todas las mañanas, ellas comienzan a quedarse dormidas poco a poco, poco a poco. Hasta perder su brillo, y quedar totalmente oscuras.
Entonces, es cuando el Sol, cree que él es el señor del Universo.

Es la estupidez de el que es insignificante, pero está convencido de que es un gigante. La prueba es que él no nos deja mirarlo, y ellas, gigantes, pero mucho más humildes nos dejan admirarlas todas las noches.
Todas las tardes el Sol muere en el horizonte, y vos ya sabés lo que ocurre en el cielo.

Did you know that during the day, the stars turn off?
they do not die uh, no.
When the sun rises over the horizon each morning. They begin to fall asleep slowly, little by little. Up to lose their shine, and be completely dark.
Then is when the Sun, believes he is the Master of the Universe.

It is the stupidity of whom is negligible, but is convinced that it is a giant. The proof is that he does not let us look at him, and they, giants, but much more humble let us admire them every night.

Every evening the Sun dies on the horizon, and you know what happens in the sky.

11 comentarios:

Marcela Calderón dijo...

Oh. Qué estrellas tan sensuales ;)
Y esa luna flamenca <3

Denise Scaramai dijo...

Me gusta sentir me en el universo,
que usted nos lleva en sus dibujos ...
somos participantes,
e integrados con las estrellas ...
este, se trata de un espectáculo,
La paz Estrellas inactiva es contagiosa!
y este sol es tan masculino!
saludos terrestres!

JimenezconJota dijo...

A mi, tus estrellas me encantan.
Como me gusta mirar las estrellas!

rossichka dijo...

A very interesting story! A wonderful fairy-tale can be born out of it - about the modest stars and the boasting sun... How do you think, are all the stars in the sky female? The gender of the word in Bulgarian is female - "звезда", pronounced [zvez'da]. And in French, too - une "etoile"... I suppose it's the same with "estrella" (it sounds so beautiful!)

rossichka dijo...

Oh, Roberto, how could you invent such a beauty - a Spanish moon??!! We are all astounded, not only the Sun!

Malena dijo...

Peor para el sol. Tan solo, tan "inmirable".

Sympathy for The Devil dijo...

the sun will burn out one of these days, you'll see.
but the point is, a candle, the sun... both illuminate darkness.

Aldo Omar dijo...

Que sol estúpido, creerse el mas grande y el centro del universo y no sabe que algunas de esas estrellitas son en realidad mil veces mas grande que el
Esto se parece a esos que creen saberlo todo y se sienten por encima de los demás sin conocer siquiera lo que hay abajo

art is jokken dijo...

I love your sleeping beauties, I mean the stars. Last years I have not seen sleeping stars. Because when I SLEEP , they are awake and when they sleep I can not see them. I've used to watch them with a special telescope that my father made for me long long time ago. But the telescope is gone....

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Blue, :) You use w an n blue? Ah yes. You know I am amiser. I use my car red so little that the label fades. So one day I am mixing up mud to coat my canvas with (I work on dark grounds) I mix pthalo green and alizarin usually with some burnt umber. So today I think, gee I have a lot of black, so I will mix it in with the mud, so I grab my black and squeeze - ahh I think, that black, gee it looks like cad red.......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh :)

avagoodweegend from oz ")

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong dijo...

Hi, Roberto ! I like this one.. it holds a lot of meaning into it... and makes you ponder a bit. I think it's full moon today, so hopefully the full moon will do some awesome positive twists to everyone ;-)
I think.. my angels are painting for me these days.. sometimes I really surprise myself and wonder how I did my painting LOL..
Good thing is that I'm loving more and more of what I paint ! The weather's getting really mild here.. can almost taste the spring coming. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with Graciela who always visits my blog before you do =P
BESOS !!!!!!!