sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011


Una tarde ella se sentó a mirar el horizonte, a esperar…no ocurrió nada. Todo estaba tan inmóvil. Pero ella no sabía qué estaba esperando. Alguien le había dicho, que debía esperar.
Tampoco, recordaba quién lo había dicho, pero, ella nunca se preguntaba nada, a sí misma. Asumía que debía esperar. Ella siempre esperó.
Y el viento fue desgastando las piedras de las montañas, y lentamente, una capa sobre otra de fino polvo de rocas, la fue cubriendo.
Y ella fue piedra.
Y las piedras tienen la eternidad para esperar.

One evening she sat, watching the horizon and wait ... nothing happened. Everything was so still. But she did not know what was waiting. Someone had told her that she should wait.
Nor does she remember who said it, but she never asked anything herself. She assumed that she must wait. She always waited.
And the wind was wearing down the stones of the mountains, and slowly, layer upon layer of fine powder of rock, was covered.
And she was stone.
And the stones have eternity to wait.

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Sympathy for The Devil dijo...

what???? nooooooooooooo!!!!
i dont understand what you mean by similarity????

im trying to fix my post, i'll be back later.

Sympathy for The Devil dijo...

stupid blogger.

Sympathy for The Devil dijo...

There is magic even here, in loneliness, in one evening gone on too long, the same magic that made a man write about a princess that slept until she was kissed, the same magic that lead her to think that maybe the world wasn't flat and the moon could be walked upon by human feet.

And so she waits.

Sympathy for The Devil dijo...

forget this blogger thing :/
it is giving me a headache.

Graciela dijo...

Una Penélope convertida en piedra...

Malena dijo...

Esperar un milagro, esperar a Godot, esperar. Siempre esperar.
Hay un poema de Simonov, que recitaban los soldados rusos a sus mujeres cuando iban a la guerra:

Espérame y yo volveré
pero espérame mucho.
Espérame cuando las tristes lluvias lleguen
y cuando el calor llegue, no dejes de esperar.
Espérame cuando ya nadie espere
y el ayer se haya olvidado ya.
Espérame aún cuando de lejos
mis cartas no lleguen más.
Espérame cuando ya todos
se cansen juntos de esperar.
Espérame y yo volveré.
No quieras bien te ruego
a los que repitan de memoria
que ya es tiempo de olvidar
aun si la madre o el hijo ya creyesen que no existo ya.
Deja que los amigos
sentados junto al fuego
se cansen de esperar
y beban vino amargo
en honor a mi recuerdo.
Espérame y con ellos
no te apresures a beber.
Espérame y yo volveré
para que la muerte rabie.
Aquél que nunca me ha esperado
tal vez dirá de mí
el pobre tuvo suerte.
No comprenderán jamás
los que jamás han esperado
cómo tú del fuego me salvaste
de cómo he sobrevivido
lo sabremos sólo tú y yo.
Es que sencillamente me esperaste
como nunca nadie me esperó

Y esa espera carente de acción, porque nada depende de nosotros es, irónicamente, desesperante.
Sentarse a esperar sin poder hacer nada más.

No quiero.
Pero mientras tanto corro por la playa, si?

Malena dijo...

Es que ando con poca paciencia ultimamente ;)

art is jokken dijo...

My first reaction: First at all the lady should sit on a pillow to protect her buttocks ( the rock can be quite hard and cold).
But if I take a close look at her I see she does not need anything. She is petrified.

Well, some people are living fossils: they actually walk, it, talk but inside they are fossilized. Their heart is cold stone....

rossichka dijo...

I'm sure she's still waiting, but she's missed a lot of things. She's missed life in its variety and her chance to be happy. She's not "my hero", because I find it senseless to wait, without knowing why and who... So, she's still waiting and she'll be waiting forever - stone is stone. The only thing that could happen to her is to feel the waves, to meet some tired birds or to see people... me, for example!:)
I like the woman's figure, disappearing in the rock!

JimenezconJota dijo...

Y es que acaso, quizá, todos esperamos.

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Hey Roberto, she looks like a native from your ares. So she has been in the rock for a long time. She is like me in a way. You know I wait for the end instead of looking back at the beginning. You can't look two ways at the same time unless you have two heads :) Or I guess you could have a two way mirror - so you could look back and forth at the same time.

It's like going rightleft or updown.

Did I tell you that all we have to eat in ausyralia t the moment is cheese? And not just any cheese. We must eat only cheese that floats in case we have another flood. Because all the cheese that floats will be washed away.

So we must eat it first!

I wonder what google will think of that!

Sympathy for The Devil dijo...

im sorry i think i missed this old comment:
"Ah, but you did not see The Moon-Witch in my header?
She was there several days. You tell me and if you did not see it might come back."

yes i think i didnt see it because i was away on my holiday last week???
im not sure, though...

anyway, your header is okay now RAM 492.
what is RAM 492?
you have killed 492 mosquitoes since midnight?
jejej im kidding!

many thanks again for the comment!

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Hehe Mita you are funnyy :)

Roberto, oh I a was very happy that you showed me that artist, thank you. You did not offend me in any way form or cheese! So thank you. I am always looking for artists to admire. We can never stop learning, can we. Well if we do we become watchers of television.

In Australia the only good thing about televisions is that they give you somewhere to put your pot plants.

Though there was a good show about the moon last night. Apparently 24 men went there. I don't know why. There is already a man on the moon I see from your header.

Of course all televisions are so thin now, they do not even cast shadows.

Sympathy for The Devil dijo...

okay i seeeee it!!!!

i am still the most beautiful moon witch in the universe, yeahhahah!!!!!

thanksssss ♥ ♥ ♥

Ana dijo...

me ha gustado mucho, sabes la historia de Níobe? Así debió sentirse.

Pepa dijo...

Bonita y triste historia!!!
Con la poca paciencia que yo tengo......!!!!! Menuda "terapia" seria esa para mi......

Faruffa dijo...

magico e delicato, l'adoro!!!!