sábado, 8 de enero de 2011


Si yo ya sabía que eso iba a ocurrirme.
Yo ya había caminado por esa calle.
Yo ya había sentido esos labios morados sobre mi boca.
Yo ya había oído esos murmullos, esas risas, ese calor del infierno.
Pero insistí.
Anoche yo sentí que alguien tomaba mis medidas.
Oí una sierra cortando madera.
Oí un martillo clavando clavos.
Pero insistí.
Yo ya había visto esas flores marchitas.
Esa soledad de iglesia destruida.
Esa presencia de nadie,
como de foto de una tormenta.

Pero nuevamente insistí.
Y ahora me rio a carcajadas,
pero esta noche volverá a ocurrirme.
Y yo no sé si mañana lo voy a poder escribir.
Y yo no sé si mañana vos vas a poder leerlo.

I already knew that this was going to happen.
I had walked down that street.
I had felt those purple lips on my mouth.
I had heard these whispers, that laughter, the warmth of hell.
But I insisted.
Last night I felt someone take my measurements.
I heard a saw cutting wood.
I heard a hammer driving nails.
But I insisted.
I had already seen those wilted flowers .
That loneliness of destroyed church.
The presence of anyone,
as a photograph of a storm.

But again I insisted.
And now I laugh out loud.
but tonight it will happen again.
And I do not know if tomorrow, I'll be able to write it.
And I do not know if tomorrow, you'll be able to read it.

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Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong dijo...

Hi, Roberto !
I just finished my painting and writing my blog post.. and was getting very emotional. Then I came over to your blog and I read your post... and I'm never alone !! =)
I can feel your heart from your writing.. so thank you for posting this with illustration as you have made me feel not so lonely =)
Bessos !!


barbara dijo...

Wow, such a beautiful post! And wonderful images!

studio lolo dijo...

I love how your mind works and I love your art!

Thank you for your visit and kind words♥

Abby dijo...

Maravilloso poema, ullustration maravilloso!

DonAldo(un viejo del 33) dijo...

uyy Roberto Me das miedo....menos mal que a mi no me pasa imaginate si a mi edad sintiera que me estan por enterrar...me agarra un patatús y entonces todo pasa en serio....Vade retro quien sea que esté del otro lado.

Marcela Calderón dijo...

No jodamos con la parca, Ro ;) Con eso no se juega.....
La pintura está preciosa en su reiteración :)

nello dijo...

how wonderful and dreamy and lovely! really like your illustration style.

vico gonz dijo...

Eso es exactamente lo mejor...no saber...El texto es IMPRESIONANTE. SOMOS UN RE-CICLO Y UN PAQUETE DE MEMORIAS (mezcladitas como un buen coctail).


Linda Hensley dijo...

Fascinating words and image! Something to ponder.

Chibi Janine dijo...

A beautiful illustration.

Celeste Bergin dijo...

brilliant post!

rossichka dijo...

... "And I do not know if tomorrow, I'll be able to write it.
And I do not know if tomorrow, you'll be able to read it."...
Yes, despite the "dejà-vu"-s, we live in another reality, in the present one... And the things that look so well-known today may disappear tomorrow and we may lose forever that sensation of a fresh remembrance...
Thank you, Roberto, for making me ponder again! I like your words... You paint with words... And the painting represents to me the many times of "deja-vu"!:)

Poshgit dijo...

Brilliant pairing of words and illustration...I am in awe :)

renilde dijo...

Touching ,sensitive, heart and soul.
Beautiful, very beautiful.
Each visit here is such a nice surprise.
x renilde ( I like the use of reds in this one)

Laurel dijo...

Amazing interpretation!

k.h.whitaker dijo...

beautiful :)

amba dijo...

alucino con los colores de esta acuiarela! un abrazo! PS_ es irresistible: ahora tenemos una guitarra en casa y podemos empezar a intentar darle melodia a tus poemas jaja! pero primero: tenemos que aprender a tocar!

amba dijo...

(creo que escribí acuirela en vez de acuarela... lo siento!)

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Heh, well do you know the Marriage of Figaro? Me neither - well not in the biblical sense anyway.

But of course that brings me to the subject of your subject. And it has to do with marriage (try saying that with a lisp)

The marriage of your words and your images. But interestingly the images are not just to be found in the 'image' but in the words.

This is very poignant. Poignant because it is so true. Poignant because of the manner it is delivered, and poignant because of the persona.

Poignant is such a good emotion. It makes us sad, and almost happy. It makes us shiver, yet also warms us.

I like the repetition in the image. It's like a theme that runs through a piece of music. The theme is there, its has the same skeleton, yet each variation takes us to another level of meaning.

Cheese fom Oz. I too draknh the other night. I had five glasses of wine. Two of them a beautiful red - that tasted like chocolate. Then one of my house guests threw a whole glass across the table accidently.

I hade a hangover in the morning. Which is goode. Because therin lies a lesson - get drubk in moderation.

Heh :)


Andrew Finnie dijo...

Oh the header? Just wonderful! :) Do you know Morandi? Not in the biblical sense.

He painted landscapes while standing in his studio and peering through binoculars. It helped him frame the image - and helped him supress the pictorial space - flattening the buildingstreeshills into compositional design elements.

I tried it once, but the neighbours warned me they would call the police....


Que maravilla! Tus palabras siempre tan bellas como quisiera escribir com tu y la pintura tambien siempre me dejas pensando ♥

Juan Carlos Partidas dijo...

Una ilustración que derrocha magia e imaginación.
Felicitaciones. :)

Ernesto y Felisa dijo...

: ) , sí, que importa si viene mañana, si escuchamos el serrucho..., no sabemos, pero por aquí andamos, y sí ahora es el momento de reirse a carcajadas... ¡que más dá!
BESOS sonrientes.
(alla esta con la guadaña de aquí para ya, con sus ires y venires, alla ella..., atareada que está, la pobre,... que stress..)

Malena dijo...

Esa terrible sensación de repetirse y de buscar desesperadamente en la cabeza respuestas:¿Lo soñé? ¿Lo viví? Cuándo?
El dibujo, el texto .... todo redondito.

Sympathy for The Devil dijo...

you know what reading this post i have deja vu of having deja vu now you must sleep i will give you this experience dont be afraid it's just like that feeling when you're going to sleep and you feel like you're falling and you jolt yourself awake as if you hit your bed from a height it didnt really happen it just felt like it do i sound like a psychic?

Jack Foster dijo...

Wow Roberto! your words and illustration go together so well! Terrific work...Hey thanks for the visit!

Jen Appel dijo...

Love the way you illustrated the concept - great style!

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Mita :) yes.. and no :)

Don Roberto

Today I had the most wonderful surprise.
Thank you so much!!!!!!
More later!!!!!

I am stoked.

INDIGENE dijo...

This is just fabulous!

art is jokken dijo...

Great post!

Patricia González Palacios dijo...

Unas palabras con mucho peso!! , veo que tú también te renovaste, me gusta, gracias por pasar te dejo un abrazo.

Sharon dijo...

beautiful art and post...

Lubrio dijo...

Cómo irme sin decirte nada?
Qué hermosas palabras podés conjurar, porque esa es la palabra indicada: "conjurar".
Tus palabras son magia.

Sympathy for The Devil dijo...

andrew... yes :) and no: and yes :) and no:)
what are we talking about exactly???

what a wonderful surprise, this crazy doctor is also a masterchef :D i just knew it from Madame!!!!!!!!!

im a terrible cook, maybe i should learn some new recipes from you.... hmmmmmm

Malena dijo...

Che, te dije "hinchapelotitas" que el mayor de los cariños, y repitiendo la palabra que usaste vos. Me encantó contarte, de zurda a zurdo, como soy. Bah, como creo que soy. Capaz que otros me ven de otra manera.

RRRRRR dijo...

Ja Ja, Malena, me hacés reir, Ahora voy para allá!!

Denise Scaramai dijo...

Como siempre, sus acuarelas significa mucho más que una simple imagen ...
y todavía se asocia con este texto, wow!
a pensar ...

muy buena!
un abrazo, amigo!

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Well Roberto, it's very beautiful, thankyou, if it is a scrawl then the Mona Lisa is only a printed tea towel.

But seriously, I am honoured by your kindness and thoughtfullness, so thankyou. And a legrope!

Oh the water? Oh it is sad but australians are lining up along the flooded rivers, holding beers in their hands, usuing the flood waters for entertainment as people's houses, cars, cows, moon's, children, flotsam and jetsom float past on the dirty river water and head out to sea.

It's serious and it is funny. All serious things have a funny side. And all funny things have a serious side.

I just picked up the paper and they have found thirty cars washed off a road and trapped under a bridge. They are scared what they will find in the cars because that town has fifty people missing....

Things like this happen all over the world I think. This time it's Australia's turn :(

Your comment was not offensive at all - so no need to apologise my friend.

cheese and fromage

Ana dijo...

Inevitable sentirse así a veces.
Gracias por la fuerza :)

Anónimo dijo...

Happy New Year and I hope that you had a great holiday :) I want you to know how much I appreciate your words and thoughts on my work. It's always a pleasure to read and I look forward to it. If you happen to be close to San Rafael- you should visit my grandmother, she is in town for the next 3 months. xo