jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010


Imaginen un lago profundo.
Un terrible pez nadando y nadando...
y una ola que llega a la costa
trayendo un harpón que busca donde clavarse.
¿Yo estaba soñando, o estaba despierto?...
Y vino el harpón a 1000 kilómetros por hora
y se clavó en mi mano sobre un trozo de madera
¡Alguien me traicionó!
Porque yo sentí claramente el golpe del martillo sobre el metal.

Imagine a deep lake.
A terrible fish swimming and swimming ...
and a wave that reaches shore
bringing a harpoon that seeks to sink .
Was I dreaming, or I was awake?...
Then came the harpoon to 1000 kilometers per hour
and stuck in my hand on a piece of wood
Someone betrayed me!
Because I clearly felt the blow of the hammer on metal.

7 comentarios:

sonoio dijo...

qué gran post!!!
de verdad que me pareció muy muy bueno!!!

saludos roberto!!!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier dijo...

ola adorei...

Graciela dijo...

Yo creo que además de ilustrar bellamente, estás escribiendo unos cuentos cortos muy buenos!

amba dijo...

parece la letra para una canción!

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Oh people are quite? For me these are powerful images, and your words are powerful. That Christ like figure - but only half a Christ because he has only one hand impaled, and that mean looking away has elements of Freidrich Caspar, the eye has elements of a phobia.

Oh it's strange to be a human being, to make sense from Chaos we must put it in boxes eh ? There is a box in the corner jumping up and down. I suspect it is full of..... Chaos?

No, Dancing Ducks....

Sympathy for The Devil dijo...

Hello, sorry i missed this.
Love this, the aura of the concept and action, itself.
so let me imagine!
I was awake.
We could talk about what it means to be you, to be me, and to be us.
And in a hundred years time, we could look back on this day and know that we meant what we said.
No, he didnt betray me, neither did i.

I = me
You = him
We = he and i

Sympathy for The Devil dijo...

oh i forgot!
him = could be anyone in this world, not referring to someone in particular... if you know what i mean ;D