lunes, 11 de octubre de 2010


Quiero pedir disculpas a mis amigos del blog. Y les voy a explicar por qué. Yo soy muy exigente con los (utilizaré una palabra que no me gusta mucho porque realmente yo no sé cuándo debo utilizarla y cuándo no) artistas que me gustan.
Yo les exijo cada vez algo nuevo. Quiero que ellos me sorprendan con cada nueva cosa que hacen. Y cuando uno es exigente con los demás, lo primero que debe ser es exigente con uno mismo.
Y yo me doy cuenta de que me estoy repitiendo. Que me estoy copiando a mi mismo. Estas pinturas que muestro, usando siempre los mismos elementos (el sol, la luna, el espacio) ya se ven como copias de la primera. Tengo que pensar seriamente en cambiar algo. Solamente me queda el consuelo de pensar que es una serie. Y que cuando a mi cabeza venga una nueva idea comenzaré con otro tipo de elementos expresivos.

I apologize to my friends blog. And I'll explain why. I am very demanding with (I will use a word not like me much because I really do not know when I must use it and when not) artists I like.
I demand every time something new. I want them to surprise me with every new thing they do. And when one is demanding with others, the first thing to be is demanding with yourself.
And I realize I am repeating myself. I'm copying myself. These paintings show, always using the same elements (sun, moon, space) look like copies of the first. I have to think seriously about changing anything. Only I have the consolation of thinking that is a series. And when my head comes a new idea to start with other expressive elements.

Una lágrima puede llevar dentro de sí muchas cosas, alegría, tristeza, amor.
Pero lo peor que puede ocurrir es que una lágrima transporte un corazón roto.

A tear may carry within it many things, happiness, sadness, love.
But the worst that can happen is that a tear transport a broken heart.

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rossichka dijo...

Dear Roberto, I am not a painter, but I understand what you mean when you say that you've begun to repeat yourself. Well, the same happens to the musicians, the scenographers, in some aspect - to the directors. I would call this a style. And I like YOUR style - yes, with the planets, the moon, the sun... I know a wonderful lady-painter from our town, whose artworks my family adores and we can recognize her paintings, without reading the signature, just because of her unique style and the use of several objects that usually appear in her art. But if you feel the need to express yourself in a different way - this is another question. I believe you'll try when the moment comes and I suppose I'll like your new drawings, too, because you can change the technique and the way of expression, but you remain the same man - sensitive and wise!
I like this "tear" drawing, although I prefer not to possess such a glass:)

allu antu dijo...

...amigo, no piense, sienta :) ....deje que su centro de gravedad sea el corazón y no el intelecto.

con amor

Linda Hensley dijo...

There's nothing wrong with painting moon and stars. People have done it forever, and there seems to be endless ways to do it -- but maybe you're cutting ties with the subject by cutting down trees and collecting broken hearts in this piece?

Chibi Janine dijo...

A beautiful piece of art that is a delight to look at. Hope you manage to resolve your art dilema it will be intresting to see which way you go.

Alma dijo...

Estos elementos que mencionas tienen una posibilidad infinita de combinaciones, yo creo que no tiene nada de malo repetir los elementos, si esos son los que te mueven en el momento, explota esta maravillosa serie, juega con ella... que siempre es un placer ver tu trabajo... lo malo seria que dejaras de crear.

un abrazo.

Marcela Calderón dijo...

¡Ah, no! ¿No te dije yo, alguna vez, que las veía como una serie, parte de una expo? :)
Así se ven. Y así funcionan. Y bien que funcionan ;)

Anónimo dijo...

You have made me laugh today! And made my day much better! I try to visit everyone's blog/website who comments on my blog (and you commented on my blog) so I wanted to visit yours and it's the best! It's late, I'm tire and I need more time to absorb your wisdom -- it's wonderful! Your work is lovely and you writing just as lovely. Thank you!

Lubrio dijo...

Mientras llegue esa idea nueva nos seguiremos deleitando con la repetición de tu talento entonces... :)

Jack Foster dijo...

Hey Roberto... You have a style all your own! Very cool. I never paid attention to "repeating" Your work conveys a totally different message with every painting. Nice one my friend. Hey thanks for stopping by!

Denise Scaramai dijo...

esta "serie" de dibujos es muy interesante!
y cada uno tiene una manera de reflexión!
Me gusta mucho!

k.h.whitaker dijo...

beautiful Roberto, I love the strength of this

Ernesto y Felisa dijo...

..........pero Roberto,
en esa luna, en ese sol, en ese espacio
que estas requetedibujando, pasan cosas muy pero que muy distintas..., es la primera vez que veo un corazón roto y rojo, en un viaje interesterlar con trayectoria indescriptible, que acaba su viaje en una copa de cocktail donde habitan otros semejantes..., fantástico viaje

Anda, anda, que está fantástico el escenario..., no lo retires todavía, si todavía hay trama y enredo....
Un requeteabrazo desde Compostela.

Manuel Ameneiros dijo...

Querido Roberto,
Me da la impresión por tu foto, no sé, me parece, tal vez, quizás, que estás más cerca de los 60 que de los 20. No sé, de nuevo te digo, me parece.
Entonces creo, perdón si me equivoco, que a esta altura de la vida, podés hacer, decir, dibujar, plasmar, repetir, destruir, aceptar, ignorar, etc. etc. lo que te salga del quinto forro de los objetos esféricos con que, entre otras cosas, se juega al fútbol. No sé si me explico.
Entonces, un fuerte abrazo, esperando mi dibujo.
Y un beso en la frente.
Gudnait. Aufidersen. Arrivederci Roma. Bye.
(PS: ¿Me expliqué?)

Manuel Ameneiros dijo...

... y si te fijás, cada individo y cada individua es una serie de actos repetidos, ¿o no?
Hasta los bipolares y esquizofrénicos se repiten en sus locuras.
La historia se repite, etc.
De todas formas la vida es linda...
Ojalá la pudiese repetir cuando me muera.

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Hello, nothing on the art - but a thought on art.

Someone once said that we spend our entire life doing one painting. Perhaps it is true? And if it is true, then isn't it also true that it is better to perfect just one painting, to have something beautiful and unique to live after us, than to have a thousand also rans (paintings that are nearly perfect?

So there is no hurry, if you feel like you are doing the same painting, then that is good.

We cannot be a carpenter a plumber a butcher and a baker and be perfect at each vocation - because our talents are then watered down.

In the same way we cannot be a different painter every day - we cannot be expressionist, abstractionist, fauvista, realist, symbolist, percussionist all at the same time - but we can take a little from each and make our own work, our own style as it were.

And that is what you are doing.
Think of Morandi.
Van Eyck.

keep going as you are.
Your work is great!

PS of course there is no perfect painyting - that's why we get out of bed in the morning.

Ahh the flowers? You are very astute. The flowers were placed on Sleeping Beauty's grave - which is hidden by the demonds and the dwarves and the darkness of time....

today it howls Nor east. I had a walk on the beach. It was good.

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier dijo...

this serie leave me thinking, congratulations

love is colder than death dijo...

no worries Doctor.
look at me.
i like drawing row houses.
you even thought that i used my old drawing in my latest illustration.
but not.
i just like drawing row house, so what?
im happy with it.

i dont think that there is something wrong with using the same elements, whatever.
the point is not the element themselves but your interpretation of the things you see and you feel.

im talking too much...

love is colder than death dijo...

when the first time i saw this painting, i didnt think that you were repeating yourself or i was so bored with your elements, etc... nonono, not at all.

i just think that you love the sun, the moon, the universe, the nature... all those things are so beautiful, arent they?
yes, as beautiful as your painting.

Shirley dijo...

Oh Roberto - it has been too long since I have visited, I apologize. And I have missed your birthday! Happy belated birthday!! I see a beautiful illustration of the sun, the moon, the earth, from a spot seated high in the universe. I think it is beautiful and that you find peace way up there looking down below to simplify the elements that can become so complicated sometimes. I like this, Roberto. I have always enjoyed your perspective and what you present to us because it gives us a sense of you. It is always good to see your work as there is a brightness and energy that comes from within.

"Fer" dijo...

Eyyy no es que seas repetitivo,sino que te hace único..y más...cuando quieras inspiración ven a buscar al Arlequín de la Creación que estará encantado de ayudarte, un beso

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong dijo...

Hola, Roberto !
As interesting as your illustration was, all these encouraging and thought provoking comments are also very interesting ! I agree with everyone's comments here that your paintings have your very own unique style. What can be more auspicious than knowing the universe that's surrounding us.. waking up every morning looking at the sun.. sleeping every night looking at the moon.. What can be more intriguing than searching and knowing the universe that surrounds us? That's why I love your paintings =)
Thank you so much for the music, Roberto ! I checked it today and it's beautiful :0)

aeneadellaluna dijo...

Sweet! Gracias por compartir**

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Well I like the dashes you know, I was never a Miro person though!

But its more like morse code - it gives us a massage --- err I mean a message.

today is the first day of the week for us. In fact it was sunny today, but the surf was very cold. We have penguins here even now. They wear sunglasses and have blonde hair.

Ahm but I spent a few hours in the studio last night. And I made a goofd painting. I was suprised.

Tellme Roberto, how b ig are these works and is it canvas or something else - the weave is very good in these works - draws our atention to the fact that the image is on the surface - and yet below the surface - so we get that great incongruence happening - and that also helps us to be intrigued.

Do you know Jungian archetypes - the theory that we have racial memories always seemed silly to me, but I think it is true. You know the comforting smell of a wood fire? The womb like comfort of a womb like environs.

Well the sun and the moon and the road and the house and the stars and the wise man and the young girl fall into these catagories - they are all race memory archetypes that we can all identify with,

It is good to use them in your work - it makes your work universal, eh?

Did you know that life is short?

The sign on my doorbell says, "LIfe is short, press hard."

Andrew Finnie dijo...

In fact, my doorball is a rock with holes in it and a piece of string attached

Andrew Finnie dijo...

actually I was working on an archetype today

Andrew Finnie dijo...

By the way I meant snow white. That's enough comments from me. (starting to sound like LIACAD! It's time to hibernate I am afraid.

Rue Design dijo...

What an amazing point of view. Glad I got to see it. :)


Hola Roberto,
Tu tienes un estilo extraordinario y siempre tan agradable. Pienso que nosotros críticamos más en nuestro propio trabajo para empujarnos más - no? Espero que resuelvas su dilema de arte va ser interesante en ver cuál manera te vas ♥

Anónimo dijo...

Hi Roberto!!

I always look forward to your comments on my art and words... but then I answer them SO slowly because I want to say something meaningful to you, who takes so much care with your own generous comments! I am pleased that my own humble work holds your thoughtful interest!

Roberto, using the the same or similar motifs in your art for a while is definitely OK! Think of it like having a same or similar dream, night after night... clearly you are pondering something deep with these images... and when you resolve it, maybe you'll move on to painting... turtles!... or something else! :-) Regardless of what you paint, I can always feel your presence behind the image. And, when I showed your recent photo to my husband, Ernest (also an artist: ), he said, "He looks like he could be one of our good friends!" A very high compliment, indeed!

Sending my own hug to you,

sonoio dijo...

io pienso que si no te aburre algo no hay porque dejarlo de hacer
ta muy bueno el trabajo!!


Graciela dijo...

Hola Roberto! No había pasado hasta ahora porque estoy con una gripe terrible, hecha pelota.
Me tomé un respiro del blog porque no tengo fuerzas para nada.
Sobre tu dilema: yo pinté 10 años arte naïf (los tangos, recuerdos de familia,etc), estaba muy "cómoda" en ese grupo de pintoras, era bastante reconocida, etc...Cuando sentí que me empezaba a repetir o que las obras ya no las pintaba con la misma devoción, vino el cambio.
Siguieron otros 10 años de Los equilibristas o Pinturas mágicas con varias "series" diferentes, que son las que vos conocés del blog. Y este año vuelvo a "quemar las naves" y me divierto un poco pintando abstracto.
No creo que deje del todo los hombrecitos de la galera, ya les tengo mucho afecto. Pero es bueno permitirse los cambios, si provienen de una "necesidad interior", tampoco vas a cambiar si lo que hacés te sigue copando... En fin.
Ya me agoté de escribir, vuelvo al reposo.

Graciela dijo...

AHHH! y respecto a lo de tus soles, planetas y parece que estás exagerando: no es lo único que nos has mostrado aquí. Será una serie!!!! Y buenísima además!
Sos re-autocrítico, peor que yo!

vico gonz dijo...

Ayyy... las cosas que hay que escuchar!!!
No hay un sol igual al otro ni que signifique lo mismo porque los contextos son diferentes...porque todo es diferente a cada minuto...porque todo cambia y tus soles y lunas también.
Repetir es también insistir,insistir en una idea,llevarla al límite...en fin...gozarla.
No chamuyo más porque seguro que me voy por las ramas y me quedo colgada...
Un abrazo.

robert MD dijo...

Hola, a todos mis queridos amigos que han dejado su comentario aquí.
Yo quiero decirles que no estoy decepcionado con estas pinturas que yo he mostrado. No estoy con un bajón. Yo les pido disculpas si me expresé mal y les agradezco su preocupación.
En realidad, lo que yo quise expresar (y es lo que yo pensaba) es que con la repetición de los mismos elementos (el sol, la luna, la gente flotando en el espacio, etc) daba la impresión que mi creatividad se había terminado, y que ustedes dirían: "Uhm, Roberto otra vez pintando lo mismo de siempre, este tipo está terminado!)
(si me disculpan, yo creo que no, un poco de autoconfianza tengo que tener).
Bien esta aclaración la hago por todos los que me dijeron: "Bueno, será bueno ver tu nueva manera de pintar"...
No habrá nueva manera de pintar. Yo seguiré con lo mismo, quizas me agradaría, no seguir con estos elementos utilizados, pero también creo que ustedes me han hecho ver que no hay drama en seguirlos usando.
Gracias a todos, son muy amables.

Hello, all my dear friends who have left their comments here.
I want to say that I am not disappointed with these pictures that I've shown. I'm not in a slump. I would apologize if I expressed myself badly, and I appreciate your concern.
Actually, what I wanted to express (and that's what I thought) is that with repetition of the same elements (sun, moon, people float in space, etc.) gave the impression that my creativity was over, and you say, "Uhm, Roberto painting again as usual, this guy is done!)
(If you'll excuse me, I do not think, a bit of confidence I have to).
Well I make this clarification for all those who told me: "Well, be good to see your new way of painting" ...
No new way of painting. I will continue with the same, maybe I would like not to pursue these elements used. but I think you have made me see that there is no drama to continue to use.
Thanks to all, are very friendly.

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Do you know the expression "heads Up".? I think it came from ww11 flyeres who with their heads buried in their map laden laps didn't see the approcahing EA (enemy aircraft).

So heads up! I a cannot make a comment on your latest post. She is not a manga anime but a bronzed and slightly oxidised grecian Goddess, n'est ce pas?

Oh thanks for the data on your paintings. Your edges are clean and I wonder how. My edges are blurry, not just in my paintings but in real life. Clean edges are immportant for your work - to delineate the icons. In mine? I paint like I spell - it's better that I hand write things, to make the words blurry, so you cannot tell how I spell.

There you go another post about me :)

Oh I heard two JL songs yesterday, just great - they have taken on the undulations and the pecadillos and the arabesques from his last record and published cleanly, like your edges,

so I am told

cloudy here today, the wind is offshore, the surf fine and glistening. the sun makes it's way to it's summer position - so soon

Andrew Finnie dijo...

make that taken 'out'

renilde dijo...

Hello Roberto,I still like these paintings very much, you may use the same sun,moon,etc. again and again but I'm surprised every time with what you tell using them.
I can imagine hanging them all together on a large white wall would look so great.
Don't worry too much,make what you feel you have to make and aren't we all going through these moments of doubt about what we are making....
That's what keeps us sharp and alert.x Renilde

gabyta dijo...

Bueno, yo creo que has encontrado en algunos 'iconos' graficos como pueden ser el sol la luna la tierra un recurso comunicativo, y eso es excelente. (desde mi punto de vista, claro) No creo que te estes repitiendo, en absoluto, pero en este asunto es tu criterio y tu conformidad con la propia obra la que cuenta y es definitiva.
Un abrazo enorme.
Como no pude dejar comentario en el post de los dibujos tipo 'manga' que les dicen, esos japoneses... a mi tampoco me gustan.
y la vizquera a la señorita le da mucha presencia.
Abrazos marplanauticos.-

love is colder than death dijo...

"who cares", yea yea thats the SPIRIT!!!!
i like it.
the two little words have become my motivation since a long time, jejej :D

believe me or not, ive never heard of Andraia before.
yes, im so lame, i know... x((

but she looks fantastic.
is she a hero or something?
whats her super power?

love is colder than death dijo...

i forgot to ask you.
i didnt know that you like Pink Floyd???

or am i wrong?

Manuel Ameneiros dijo...

Recorrí tu blog desde tu primer post hasta el último y fíjate que no coincido contigo. No sólo es notable la evolución de tus dibujos en ese recorrido, sino que es visible que no existe tal repetición en el tema, como tú sostienes.

ArtSparker dijo...

Hello! The comments box is letting me in this one time...I wanted to say I liked the animal suns, and also the idea of wrapping the fish in drawings and sending them off on adventures...I do look at your posts even if I am not always allowed to comment.

Manuel Ameneiros dijo...

Hi! ArtSparker.
What do you mean ..."even if I am not always allowed to comment." ???
Who or what doesn´t allow you to comment???

Gustavo Aimar dijo...

Me siento bien identificado con lo que explicás en este posteo... es terrible llegar a ese punto en donde parece que hay que buscar por otros lados o para un tiempo y ver qué pasa. Este año se me presentó así, fue bastante raro... Saturación tal vez, me pregunto... Saludos... Me encantó el detalle de la sombra de la Luna!