jueves, 1 de julio de 2010


Este retrato lo pinté cuando Vir tenía 14 años. Ya lo había mostrado en este blog, pero ahora, como está un poco lejos y la extrañamos lo puse de nuevo. Mis otros dos hijos nunca quisieron posar para que yo los pintara, (igual los amo mucho eh)... y algun retrato de contrabando tambíen les hice.

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nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier dijo...

é stupendo, molto dolce, suave

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Hya Roberto

This is very elegant. The fine line of the side of the face is so well captured. Very delicate - especially against the vigorous strokes of the hair.

Beautiful work :)

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong dijo...

It's so great that it makes me hesitate to put a comment on it =)
Such lovely fine portrait !

lakhsmita indira dijo...

heheh :D
thank you for sharing, Doctor!!!
who is this??
is this Madame G????
looks pretty!
im wondering... whats in her mind.... heheh... probably you!

Raluca dijo...

beautiful,I love the way you played with the blue-orange contrast,between her hair and her jacket;)

Shirley dijo...

This is BEAUTIFUL, Roberto! I always enjoy visiting you as you speak of such love of family - and it is so evident in the beautiful painting. It is something that she will cherish as she grows older. I must try to do the same..you inspire me. Ahhhh!!! I love the saying you mentioned...that I plant my monkeys well. YAY! I will always remember it and will use it from now on, if you agree..thank you, Roberto. Have a wonderful weekend and hope you can coax your other children to sit for paintings!!

Shirley dijo...

I am sorry to hear you've had a tough week...you take good care. I believe that there is always a yin and yang to things..for instance, one Friday a few weeks ago, I unexpectedly won four tickets to a waterpark (amusement park) and so we (the girls and I) were really happy! That same day, unexpectedly, I received word that a lovely stranger was going to send me a print of her beautiful art piece...for free should I just send postage, and of course I obliged...it is a lovely piece and I thought, wow, people are so kind. That very same night, my computer unexpectedly did not start up..and so we drove to the Apple store to see if it could be repaired...on Monday, to no avail, they could not retrieve the files. And so you know the rest. I believe that with every up, there is a down (hopefully small!), and with every down, there is an UP! So continue to paint and enjoy all of the small blessing we have each day...those all add up to something big, right?! Take care, Roberto..and your english is fine!

Graciela dijo...

Qué linda la pelirroja! Y qué emoción sentirá al verse retratada de pequeña!
Por suerte acabo de comer una medialuna, porque esta tostada con mermelada en la cabecera, es un atentado!!!
Un beso y felicitaciones!

Lubrio dijo...

Hermosa pelirroja... muy, muy bello.

Liliana Lucki dijo...

Tiene la suavidad ,que solo un padre puede captar y dar.

Una belleza real.

Te saluda,Liliana.

Celeste Bergin dijo...


froggie dijo...

just GORGEOUS blues and hues roberto! and i love the dynamic off-beat yet very old school portrait composition. this is really lovely. and as always thank you so much for the visits! :)

Anónimo dijo...

beautiful painting. I've taken a break from my art, i think a big change is coming- and hope to be painting soon :)

amba dijo...

QUé hermoso cabello tiene! con razón le decías a la Mi que su dibujo le recordaba tu hija :)

amba dijo...

y... muchísimas pero muchísimas gracias por tu comentario :) es de aquellos que nunca se olvidan, en primer lugar porque no es superficial, y en segundo lugar, porque me enseña algo, en el fondo, tu sabis más que yo

Ro dijo...

Gracias Laura, gracias Andrew, Gracias Sung-hee,gracias Lahksmita, gracias Raluca.
Shirley, Thank you, you are very nice with me.
Graciela, la próxima pongo algo Diet!!!!
Lubrio, Liliana y Celeste, Gracias!!!
Janice!!!! qué sorpresa, qué gusto que hayas vuelto, ya voy para allá.
Amba, No me digas eso que es mucha responsabilidad, ya te dije, no creo que haya nadie que sabe más que otro, todos sabemos algo que el otro no sabe.
Un beso y un abrazo a todos!!!