jueves, 22 de julio de 2010


Mientras caigo me pregunto,
¿Caeré en la casa blanca?
¿Caeré en la casa negra?
¿Caeré en la casa blanca y negra?

As I fall I wonder
Will I fall in the white house?
Will I fall in the black house?
Will I fall in the white and black house?

" MIENTRAS CAIGO... " Acrílico sobre tela.

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Sympathy For The Devil dijo...

wow wow
wait a minute, Doctor.


Sympathy For The Devil dijo...

hello i'm back.
sorry ^_^

i like the Mars---the Red Planet (i dunno, is it...?)
cos i see that the man seems to be in the middle of "war". And Mars is the god of War.

The planet maybe got the name due to its color.

Sympathy For The Devil dijo...

And it is sometimes referred to as the Red Planet.

Sympathy For The Devil dijo...

By "war" i mean: he is at war with himself, doubts, and fears.

Sympathy For The Devil dijo...

im just blabbering..

You see Doctor, i've got the worst hangover ever...
it's because the advice you gave me, remember?


Sympathy For The Devil dijo...

yea okay, i think i still need some rest.
you are the most terrible Doctor ever!
im kidding...
but seriously, i like the "RED-PLANET".
(sorry if i was wrong...)
it's so powerful!

roberto dijo...

No, No Mita I like your analysis is very interesting, you know, I work by intuition, creative impulses, and then I see what mean what I did. In principle I do not care, (and then either)
Ah ... many times not to do what the doctor tells us!!
(But it tasted like lemon ice cream?)

camino roque dijo...

no importa pues las tres me atraparon

roberto dijo...

To Lakhsmita:
"And then I see what mean what I did. In principle I do not care (and then either)"
by that I mean: not that I do not interested in your analysis. I mean I do not care look up meanings of what I did because I do not expect to leave messages with my drawings or paintings, you understand?
Thank you.
A kiss

Troche dijo...

Hola Roberto!

Mi nombre es Gervasio Troche humorista gráfico.felicitaciones por tu sitio,tiene
mucho corazón..
Tengo un blog,me gustaría que lo visites.
Un abrazo

allu antu dijo...

Genial!! como siempre....
un placer visitarte, recibe un cálido abrazo en este día tan frío.

Marcela Calderón dijo...

Ahhh... pero qué lindo...megustamegustamegusta :)
Cómo me gusta esa ¿luna? ¿planeta? rojo. Y me ENCANTAN los dos ¿gatos? ¿conejos? azules, con ojos tan expresivos.
En fin: me gusó MUCHO esta pintura :)

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong dijo...

or... will I stay floating in the air?

Andrew Finnie dijo...

So Roberto, I wonder what came first, the illustration/painting, or the poem. Both are inspirations, the poem lovely and enigmatic.

the composition in this works so well, we are directed around the painting by the eyes, which way they look makes us regard what they are regarding.

And all the pointy bits take us around the painting for second trip.

Yet we find places for our eyes to rest - back on the eyes again.

It;s a wonderful work, we see things that are interesting, that we don not quite understand - so in our brains we make up our own story to suit.

And your choice of iconography is quite loaded. Falling dreams, a personified moon, houses that are homes, white and black.

As T.S Eliot said, they are emotive correlatives.

I just googled 'emotive correlatives' and found myself saying it on Translucent Blue. The world is a small place,

see you

big cheers

amba dijo...

siempre me han dicho que el camino del medio es el mejor :) quizás por eso la casa miti-mota blanca y miti-mota negra sea la más adecuada... pero yo no caería en ninguna, sino que intentaría alcanzar a esos gatos azules que todo lo observan

roberto dijo...

Camino Roque: gracias, a lo mejor es la idea. cada uno se deja atrapar por lo que quiere dejarse atrapar.

roberto dijo...

Troche y Allu, gracias, ya fui para alla.

roberto dijo...

Marcela: gracias, que bueno que te guste, no sé si son conejos o qué. Ja ja, son algo.
Un beso.

roberto dijo...

Sung-Hee, hello !!!!. It may be, everything can be ...

roberto dijo...

Andrew: Thanks for your comment, really, as I told Mita, I paint in an intuitive way, the words that explain a bit what you see, are emerging while I paint.
I like it when it's finished everyone to see what they want to see.
Thanks again.

roberto dijo...

Gracias Amba!!!, muy interesante, pero ¿Como el blanco y negro? Hay que elgir los extremos, debes estar lista para las emociones!!!

Sympathy For The Devil dijo...


Sympathy For The Devil dijo...

wheres my ticket to the club?
Sir Reginald Farhquardanstannad invited me to join the club.

Sympathy For The Devil dijo...

jeje :D
i'll tell him.

Sympathy For The Devil dijo...

oh he is a bad bad bird...
a naughty one.

Sympathy For The Devil dijo...

hahahah :D
im just being silly ;)

i'll reply the glass onion soon okay! :)
enjoy your weekend (only with Madame) cos Tino is flying away to Indonesia.

jeje :D

Liliana Lucki dijo...

Aquí puedo enrar !!!

Quería comentar sobre la ultima obra.Me encanto.Muchoooo.

Al no aparecer las letras ...solo hice pruebas y salió mm.m

La intención era manifestar mi aceptación al disfrute de tu obra.

Te saluda ,Liliana

Damaride Marangelli dijo...

hola muy lindo tu blog y tu trabajo. Me alegro de que las apoyan.

saludos Damaride! ;)

Shirley dijo...

Roberto, your kind words tonight make me so happy. Thank you. It is true, time is precious, and I appreciate your having taken the time to provide me with a detailed eye of what you feel when you view my work..it makes me happy to know that it makes people smile (you, too!). Thank you, my friend..it means so much to me.

I am SO pleased with these past two works of art of yours. They are beautiful and so thought provoking...I'm sure they are rich in palette in person. I find them striking and graphic as well. Wonderful contrast of this to your watercolor work which I find is getting more detailed..yet still a feeling of lightness and peacefulness.

Always wonderful to have you stop by thank you Roberto!! : ) Hugs to you.

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Ho! Just live this one I have bookmarked it for a lesson entitled "How to use eyes to make a compositional flow!"

That new header is bloddy great (that is an old english expresiion meaning 'terrific'. So its is literally 'terrific great!!!!!"

meanwhile must work be back soon and admire that beautiful stylish piece you just posted!!

now I must work

how s ad is that?